Infrared Remotes International

Infrared technology has been around for many years.

it was one of the first to control our TVs air conditioning units fans and much more

For the older technologies that are not yet Wi-Fi enabled or support other protocols like zigbee or Z-Wave infrared is still one of the core standard protocols
Looking at the international specifications for infrared what we see is different companies do things differently however there are some options in terms of universal remotes that can replay back specific infrared codes or learn new codes from the original remote
United States
The more popular remotes for universal infrared include the Logitech Harmony
hub in the United States

Harmony Hub
Harmony Jub
United Kingdom and Asia
the broad link hub for Asia and the United Kingdom
Broadlink Hub
Broadlink Hub
There are however some infrared devices that are prone to be more difficult such as the mini split air conditioning units in which manufacturers have tried to make it harder to replay back the infrared codes by provide providing proprietary algorithms
A common example is that when you press the infrared code instead of making it so that just that one code is pressed what's actually happening is all the prior settings are being reapplied
With manufacturers realizing they have to have a degree of integration and flexibility they're however have been a couple of few companies with which have bridged the gap of interoperability such as the Flair puck device that provides tailored custom codes
Flair Puck
Flair Puck
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