Perseid Meteor - Huge Meteor Shower

When:   Upcoming Meteor Events 
East Coast, West Coast, Midwest, Northeast and a large swath
You can use your eye where scientists recommend staying outside for 30 minutes prior to the event to let your eyes adjust

Best Tech for Meteor Watching
- Take the Best Photo Ever - Meteor settings for an iphone
Night Sky - Overlay the names of the stars from your phone!

Other tips
- Dress for the weather
- Get there early.. Atleast 30 minutes
- Get comfy. Beach chairs, a warm drink a deck of cards should do it. Also there is no harm in bringing a blanket or other things that make you feel at home.

Cool Ideas to Teach Your Kids about Science and Technology

Astronaut Starter Kit  12 in One - Moon Scooter Robot 
Moon Scooter Robot - for kids


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