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Emotional Development - Robot - Age 4-8 - Social-Emotional Learning

Emotional Development - Robot - Age 4-8 - Social-Emotional Learning

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Build emotional intelligence at a young age!

A next-generation AI robot that complements traditional therapy and supports social-emotional development in kids through play. Ideal for children ages 5 through 10.
  • Encourage social interactions through missions and tasks
  • Learn emotion regulation techniques to help address anxiety in kids
  • Improve critical thinking and reading comprehension skills
  • Enhance creativity and imaginative play 

of parents who sought help for their child said their child’s emotional well being declined during the pandemic.


of children showed social skill improvement and 69% showed behavior improvement after using Moxie for one month.


Parents have reported their children feeling happier, less lonely and being better able to cope and calm themselves down after using Moxie for a month.


Embodied is currently partnering with the University of Rochester Medical Center to develop clinical applications for Moxie in pediatric care.


Your Privacy Matters

Moxie learns more about your child to better personalize its content to help with each child’s individual developmental goals. Embodied has taken careful steps to ensure information provided by children and families is handled with high standards of privacy and security. Moxie and its full ecosystem is COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) Safe Harbor certified so parents can feel safe knowing that Moxie employs leading data integrity and security procedures and that its systems are regularly audited to ensure full compliance.  Further, personally identifiable data and sensitive information is encrypted with the highest level of security and can only be decrypted by a unique key that only the parent has access to. You can read more about privacy, artificial intelligence and Moxie in our FAQ.

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