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Large Yard - Automated Lawn mower - HUSQVARNA AUTOMOWER

Large Yard - Automated Lawn mower - HUSQVARNA AUTOMOWER

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Automower® Connect gives you full control of your Automower® at the touch of a screen, wherever you are in the world. X-line mowers are equipped to connect to your device from anywhere – you can send stop, start and park commands, adjust your settings and track your mower, all from the app.


Superior interaction You can give voice commands to your mower from your Amazon Alexa or Google Home device.


GPS-assisted navigation X-line models have an onboard integrated GPS system that creates a map of your garden to optimize your mower's efficiency. It uses this map to track where it has been and where it needs to go and adjust its mowing pattern to ensure it cuts your lawn evenly.


Premium design All X-line mowers come fitted with a premium body, which includes LED headlights, a rubber bumper and special coloured wheel caps.


Some robots are NOT in stock and will have to be ordered from the manufacturer. 


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Price includes installation.

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