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Smart Home Routines for Fun, Family and Everything else!

Smart Home Routines for Fun, Family and Everything else!

Automation has always been our passion here at My Automation Guru where in addition to looking at innovative technology products we are equally passionate on how we use them together in an ecosystem to solve problems creatively with technology and have fun doing it!

Below are a couple of our Favorite Automations to date in the respective categories.


  • Work Time - Trigger Schedule - Ask Alexa to set volume to 0 at 7am on office echo.
  • Warm the Room - Trigger Schedule - Send Puck command at 6:30am to turn on mini-split to 72 degree's
  • Save on Energy - Trigger Schedule - Send Puck command at 5:00pm to turn off mini-split


  • Crisis Mode - if (voice trigger "secret SAFE word") then drop a file onto server via IFTTT trigger, to call the script to send email to parents and family, send text messages to parents and family, send text 2 voice to police.  Launch script to turn on and off all lights in a loop forever or until killed by "kill switch voice command"
  • Theme Music - if (trigger Unlock door with master code) && (between 1pm-7pm), automatically play first song in favorites playlist to the front room echo 
  • Security and Helping Hand - if (trigger - Motion Detection from 1am - 6:30am)  then  (light comes on downstairs) then (turns off after 15 minutes of inactivity)
  • Helping Hand - Night time Welcome Home Trigger - if (Unlock door after 7pm), then automatically turn on the front light
  • Night Watchman  -  if (11pm and front door or backdoor is unlocked) , announce "your door is left open, do you want me to lock it to bedroom echo.
  • Door Check - if (doorbell rings or motion is detected) then turn on camera1 to kitchen echo


  • Play My Last Netflix Show - if (voice - Play my last show) then send harmony hub IR signal to turn on tv, wait 5 seconds, launch netflix, wait 8 seconds, press enter to select profile, wait 8 seconds, press down, down, left, enter
  • Warm the Car  -  if (schedule Oct - Jan at 6:10am ) then send bluetooth signal to Switchbot to turn on the car with a douple tap of the remote car starter positioned with a soldered extended antenna
  • Don't Burn the Coffee  - Trigger Schedule - Turn off wemo power to coffee at 1pm on weekdays (as we only make coffee in the mornings)
  • Clean the House  - if (voice trigger -clean the house) - then ask alex to ask neato to start vaccuming. Ask alexa to ask irobot to start mopping
  • I am hot  - if (voice trigger - I am hot) then reduce temperate on thermostat by 2 degrees


  • Kids Party - if ( Voice - "Party Time") then Close Blinds, Turn off living room light, turn on wemo switch which powers disco ball + lasers, play kids dance party fix
  • No More Party - if ( Voice - "My Parents Are Home") then Music Stops, Disco lights off, Lights On, Open Blinds, Announce, "nothing is wrong mom and dad, we are just reading..."
  • Batten Down the Hatches if ( Voice - "Batten down the hatches") then send to SmartThings signal to close Smart Blinds and flash living room lights 3 times
  • I am blue - if (Voice - "I am blue") then set Lyft LED lights to Blue and play the song "i am blue on all echo devices"
  • Tired - if (Voice - "I need a nap") then send to SmartThings close blinds, turn off living room light, play Enya
  • Who Farted - if (Voice - "It stinks in here" or "who farted") then signal to Logitech Hub to send infrared signal to Fan to turn on and set to speed 3 with rotation


  • Wake Up - If (schedule 6am on weekdays) then bedroom time to wake up, announce weather, announce traffic conditions to work, play NPR news
  • Get Ready for School - If (schedule 7:30am on weekdays) then announce in kids room. Time to get up, brush teeth, comb hair, get dressed and pack your bags. Make sure you heat up your food.
  • Don't Forget Things - If (schedule 8:20am on Friday) then announce don't forget to bring your music instrument
  • Homework time - if (schedule weekday, after 3pm and kids code used on front door) then announce, "welcome home kids. make sure you do your homework before any tv. also put your things away nicely.


  • Set the Mood - If (voice trigger - "set the mood") then bedroom light off, play romance music, send to harmony hub command to send to LED candles , send to harmony hub command to IR incense maker
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